Gold Leaf Pastry

Our cakes are crafted by order, please order at least 2 days in advance.


About us

Elvis – Panagiotis Tzialli born in Albania and grow up in beautiful land of Greece. Driven by his love for the art of pastry-making, he embarked on a journey to Ireland to further refine and hone his skills. Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Greece, Ireland and the Balkans, he brings a unique blend of flavours and techniques to his craft.

With a genuine passion for creating exquisite pastries, has dedicated countless hours to perfecting his recipes and mastering the delicate balance of taste and presentation. His commitment to his work shines through in his creations.

Having embraced the vibrant culinary scene in Ireland, Elvis has found a new home for his passion. He draws inspiration from the fresh local ingredients and blends them with his heritage, resulting in a fusion of flavours that captivate the senses.

Why choose us?

With meticulous craftsmanship and the finest ingredients, our deserts are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

From classic favourite cakes to diverse options for different dietary needs, our menu offers a range of irresistible choices with a perfect balance of flavours and a meticulous attention to detail, our pastries are crafted to satisfy you.

We never compromise on quality, ensuring that each delightful creation is a true masterpiece. From the first bite to the last, you’ll savour the exceptional quality and taste that makes us special. Join us on a culinary journey where freshness, harmony, and uncompromising excellence reign.

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